Chapter Guitars was founded in 2015 by London-based luthier, John Chapman. 

John has worked as a professional luthier for over 15 years co-building Sei Bass with Martin Petersen. As a guitarist, John found it only natural to start a side project building electric guitars using the knowledge and experience he's acquired over the years. Each guitar is built by hand (no C&C routers involved!) and tailored carefully to the customers requirements. 


John is one of the top luthiers in the UK, his work is exceptional just look at the Sei Basses that he helps to build and you will see why.

Im very proud of the quality of luthiers in the UK and will do all I can to promote thier work 

Shown below are recent builds by Chapter guitars one of them being the Africa guitar for Ramon Goose 

I would be very happy to answer any questions on Johns work or help you decide what sort of guitar you are looking for , you will be in very good hands. Drop me a line