Probett Guitars

Damiens Bio

I’ve always made things.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t.
I attended a school where you were expected to go on to higher education and become some sort of “professional”, but being the rebellious and questioning type that wasn’t for me. There seemed to me no more honest profession than making things. It is the root of all business. Without manufacturing, there is nothing. Somebody has to get their hands dirty!


I’ve worked as a saddlemaker, carpenter, joiner, aircraft toolmaker, racing motorcycle chassis maker, racing motorcycle engine builder and tuner, guitar repairer and now guitar maker.

I managed to squeeze in a couple of years of formal engineering study but it was all too much sitting and not enough doing for my taste.

One of my early obsessions was old British motorcycles. Those things will teach you one end of a spanner from the other really quickly! I’ve retained a love for these beautiful, quirky things both as machines and for how they represent a time of British manufacturing. Our logo and model names are both inspired by these fascinating devices.

I personally worked at the last years of the British Aircraft industry. The BAe factory at Brooklands was an inspirational place. To work in a place with such a rich manufacturing and motorsport heritage was something rather special and part of what inspires my determination to continue to make things right here in England.

I’ve also always played guitar. This led to several years working for one of London’s leading repair shops. Charlie Chandler and Paul Herman remain a source of inspiration and encouragement. I have been fortunate to get to spend time with many vintage instruments. Their unique and sometimes quirky nature was, like the motorcycles of the same era, a source of inspiration for my own designs.